Academy Talks

Academy Talks events feature moderated panels and special guest speakers. Events are open to the public, with tickets available for purchase online. They are free for all Academy members.

Current Academy Talks programming streams include:

Academy Talks: The Audience

Presented by Ontario Creates

Academy Talks: The Audience is a series of conversations and case studies dedicated to getting your work seen, and understanding who sees it. Guests will discuss different aspects of marketing and distribution across all platforms.

Academy Talks: In the Room

Presented by Boat Rocker Media

Academy Talks: In the Room will put you in the room with high level development executives across all genres and platforms. This series of conversations will provide strategies to sell your work locally and internationally, including tips and tricks for pitching to production companies, broadcasters, and distributors, and advice to determine which platform your work is best suited for.

Academy Talks: The Storytellers

Presented by Entertainment One

Academy Talks: The Storytellers is a series of conversations with the creative forces behind the work filling our screens. Including panels and industry case studies with emerging and established talent, we delve into motivations, struggles and process.

Academy Talks: Ways & Means

Sponsored by the City of Toronto

You’ve got a great script, killer cast and a visionary director. Academy Talks: Ways & Means will look at budgeting, funding, tax-credits and all the other considerations that go into getting your project made from pre to post-production.

Academy Talks: Success

Presented by the Bell Fund

Academy Talks: Success will feature in-depth discussions with leading independent industry executives who are taking risks and innovating in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Featuring a moderator speaking with two established producers, this series will bring to light what strategies are working right now to monetize and diversify content.