Academy Talks events are designed for film, television, and digital media professionals looking to engage with contemporary creatives and ideas and are open to participation by individuals with a range of experience. Events are open to the public and available digitally from anywhere, with tickets available for purchase online.

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Current Academy Talk Series.

Academy Talks: Ways & Means

Presented by the City of Toronto

You’ve got a great script, a killer cast, and a visionary director. Ways & Means will look at budgeting, funding, tax credits, and all the other considerations that go into getting your project made from pre to post-production

Academy Talks: CLOSE-UP

Presented by Telefilm Canada

Close-Up features in-depth conversation with the creatives behind Canadian classics and future favourites. Close-Up profiles the Canadian talent who are capturing audiences, the platforms and companies who are innovating to stay ahead of the curve, and the strategies which industry leaders are using to engage new markets and succeed today.


Upcoming Talks.

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Watch our past Academy Talks.

Academy Talks: Close-Up | On Paper & In Practice: The Next Generation of Film Critique and Journalism
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As the written word evolved with the invention of the internet, so has reporting on the film industry. Presented by Telefilm Canada, this Close-Up session features Canadian film journalists and critics discussing their thoughts on the current Canadian film and TV landscape, and their role in shaping trends. We will dive into how they are navigating a world of new tech and new talent, and their hopes for the future of these twin industries.

January 30
Academy Talks: Ways & Means | Careers in VFX
Academy events

This Academy Talks: Ways & Means session, presented by the City of Toronto, explores the VFX industry in Toronto: what roles are most needed and what the best path to get there is. This session is aimed towards current, future, and prospective VFX students, and recent graduates or emerging creatives looking to make connections and further their careers.

December 12
Academy Talks at the Regent Park Film Festival | Mental Health and Self Care for Filmmakers
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In this industry session, our panel will discuss mental health resources and self-care in the workplace, for productions with big and small budgets. What are some systemic changes needed to foster a healthy on-set environment for cast and crew? What are new resources developing and available to filmmakers to prioritize mental health, especially when working with difficult content? Hear from filmmakers and some new on-set roles advocating for this support.

December 09
Academy Talks: In the Room with Streamers
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A conversation with a selection of online platforms producing, acquiring, and promoting Canadian digital content. Join us to hear about what types of content are succeeding online and how can you best approach them to engage in creative opportunities.

November 28
Academy Talks: In the Room | Ask an Entertainment Lawyer
Academy events

Have questions about contracts, errors & omissions, rights & clearances, IP protection, royalties, and more? Please submit your questions in the form below, and join us to hear from legal and business affairs experts on the basics of negotiation and dealmaking and where independent producers can find counsel for your next project.

November 10
Academy Talks: Close-Up | Being Seen: Directives for Creating Authentic and Inclusive Content
Academy events

Please join us for this Academy Talks: Close-Up discussion, presented by Telefilm Canada, to learn more about ‘Being Seen’ and hear how Canadian creators strive to achieve authenticity in their screen content.

October 25
Academy Talks: Ways & Means | Creating a Collaborative Culture on Set
Academy events

Like any workplace, a film set should be a safe and respectful environment for everyone. Join us for this session to learn tips for collaborating and creating an inclusive and communicative culture on set, where cast and crew feel fully welcome to contribute to the creative process.

September 26
Academy Talks: Ways & Means | From Story to Screen
Academy events

This Ways & Means session, presented by the City of Toronto, looks into adapting books and existing stories for the screen. From optioning agreements, obtaining rights and purchasing IP, to adapting a screenplay, and casting, our panel will take an in-depth look at what it really takes to bring a novel to life on screen.

August 17
Academy Talks: Close-Up | Where Art and Technology Meet: AI and Dynamic Content
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This panel, presented by Telefilm Canada, will explore how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and dynamic content have broken down barriers artistically and technologically by integrating the filmmaker, audience, and machines into the storytelling process.

August 04
Academy Talks: Framing the Future | On-Set Fuel Consumption and Clean Energy Solutions
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The majority of on-set greenhouse gas emissions come from fuel consumption. In this Framing the Future discussion, presented by MBS Canada, our panel evaluates what’s being done to support adoption of smaller generators, batteries, and grid tie-in and how you can critically evaluate power before your next production. Where are alternative solutions for clean energy available and where are examples of joint ventures and collaboration to alleviate fuel consumption on-set?

June 21

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