Types of Membership.

The Canadian Academy offers several types of memberships to accommodate many individuals.  All memberships are individual and non-transferable.

What is the difference between a voting and non-voting membership?



Benefits exclusive to voting members include the ability to vote to determine the winners and nominees of the Canadian Screen Awards each year, and preferred rates on Canadian Screen Award submissions and gala tickets.


As the voting process for the Canadian Screen Awards is a peer-reviewed process, eligibility for voting membership is determined by the number of professional credits an individual holds in the division to which they are applying (more information below).



Non-voting members have access to all other member benefits, including free access to the Academy Talks and Members Lounge panels and networking events. Designed for emerging career professionals and students interested in joining the Academy’s community and taking advantage of the professional development and networking opportunities throughout the year.


Anyone is welcome to join!

How long does my membership last?

Your membership is annual and will expire the following year on the last day of the month you signed up. For example, if you join as a member on December 9, 2022, your membership will lapse December 31, 2023.

Voting Member Eligibility.

Eligibility for voting membership, and the categories in which a member is able to vote in, are determined by the number of professional credits an individual holds in the division to which they are applying. Please click on your role below to see how many professional credits are required to join as a voting member under that category.

How do I define one credit?


One credit is defined as a credited role on one film (short or feature) that is a Canadian Production or co-production. The film must meet one or more of the following screening requirements:

– Theatrical release in Canada with a minimum of five screenings in a regular commercial theatre to a paying audience; 

– Online release on at least one approved Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) platform;

For Short Films ONLY

– A screening at a minimum of two Academy-approved film festivals



One credit is defined as a credited role on one television program or episode of a series. The program must be a Canadian production or co-production and have been broadcast on either a Canadian network, cable TV station, or on an online video service that commissions content.


One credit is defined as a credited role on one digital media project produced by a Canadian company, and made available to the public on a digital medium other than television in Canada. Productions that are used primarily to advertise a specific product or service are not eligible. 

Directing, producing, cinematography, and editing credits on Canadian music videos are now eligible under the Digital Media division.


One credit is defined as a credited role on one project that is eligible to be nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in a gaming category.

Our credit eligibility is dictated by the Rules & Regulations for the Canadian Screen Awards. To find more information about eligibility, please review the relevant documents here.

Membership Criteria Breakdown.


When processing your application, Academy staff will review your provided IMDb page and register you under the branches they believe most relevant based on the credits listed there. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a letter in the mail that includes your new membership card as well as a list of the branches you have been registered under. If you believe some are missing, please get in touch with us at membership@academy.ca.

Yes. If you start working in additional roles and areas, please let us know and we will add them to your membership at any time.

Yes. You should register for as many voting branches as you are eligible as it may affect the areas in which you can vote.

No. All projects must be complete and have already been theatrically released in Canada or have aired on a Canadian network or cable TV station to be eligible towards your voting membership.

Yes. Each episode of television qualifies as one credit, even if they are from the same program.

Yes. Documentary films, television programs, and digital content now have their own voting branches. If you have held a credited role on a documentary program, you will be registered under the documentary voting branch, provided you meet the eligibility requirements.

We must be able to verify your credits in some way. An IMDb page is the easiest way for us to do this, but you can also have a producer or director associated with the project write a letter verifying your credit on the project, as well as the project’s status as a Canadian production and release.

Both. If the film was released theatrically, it is eligible under the Cinema Division. If it was later broadcast on television as a limited series or movie of the week, it is eligible under the Television Division as well.

Not necessarily. We are constantly updating our eligibility requirements to match the roles and credits in the industry, but recognize we may be missing a few. Contact our Membership Department with your information, including what projects you have worked on, and we can determine if you qualify.

Yes. If you have comparable credits on non-Canadian projects and are a Canadian Citizen you can join as an International Voting Member.

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