2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Picture Editing, Web Program or Series

David Schmidt, Kyle Cucco, Ashley Brook


"How the Cold War Started in Ottawa"


Canadiana is a documentary web series that follows host Adam Bunch as he makes his way across the country in search of unusual or overlooked tales from Canadian history. From Halifax Harbour to Vancouver Island, from major cities to secluded towns, Canadiana digs up the mind-blowing true stories that contribute to Canada’s unique identity.

Episode Synopsis:
Three days after the end of WWII, a relieved and exhausted Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King was about to find out that post-war peace was to be short-lived. The RCMP had something to report to him: there were spies in Ottawa. Russian spies. A cipher clerk by the name of Igor Gouzenko had finally managed to turn himself in after 24 hours of panic, incompetence, and utter absurdity on the part of Canadian officials. His defection revealed a spy ring that shook the Western world - some refer to it as "the spark that ignited the Cold War."

David Schmidt, Kyle Cucco, Ashley Brook

Production Company:

The Canadiana Project Inc.