2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Photography, News or Information

Brent Rose

The New Reality

"Rights of Nature"


The New Reality is a made-in-Canada current affairs show: showcasing documentary-style features, enterprise and investigative reports, dynamic stories about the fabric of our communities and interviews with the people shaping our future. Led by a team of award-winning journalists, The New Reality is forward-looking. It introduces the audience to extraordinary people, unseen places, new concepts and untold stories.

Episode Synopsis:
An unlikely alliance of people, including local Indigenous leaders, banded together to protect the Magpie, one of Quebec's last great wild rivers – by granting it the same legal rights as a person. It's a Canadian first, but joins a growing global movement that aims to shift humankind's relationship with the natural world – from one of extraction to one of protection.

Brent Rose




Corus Entertainment

Production Company:

Corus Entertainment