March | National Nature

Soak in the changing seasons and explore the world of Canadian nature in this month’s collection. Featuring bountiful landscapes, terrains, and animal species, these works illustrate how super natural Canada is and showcase the beauty, diversity, and importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Content Warning:
Some of the projects included in this collection deal with topics that may be distressing. Viewer discretion is advised – please check ratings and warnings on individual selections before engaging.

Alone Across the Arctic

Director: Francis Luta

Modern-day explorer Adam Shoalts sets a record-breaking solo expedition in crossing the Canadian Arctic on foot and by canoe that would span four long and lonely perilous months. No one has ever attempted this before…

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Caregivers in the Wild

Director: Mike Lang

In our hyper-connected world family caregivers rarely get away from it all. Fortunately, Canada still has vast stretches of wilderness that can allow them to truly take a break. In this series, health researcher and adventure guide, Dr. Mike Lang, whisks family caregivers away from their daily routines for a healthy dose of wilderness and adventure.

Forest for the Trees

Director: Rita Leistner

This visually and artistically unique documentary explores the physical and emotional aspects of a community of west coast tree planters. Deftly weaving together still photos and film footage, Rita Leistner, an award-winning photographer, photojournalist, filmmaker and erstwhile tree planter, depicts the contradictions in the experiences of the tree planters—the hardship and the healing; the solitude and the joy of belonging—creating an eloquent cinematic metaphor for the human condition.

Great Lakes Untamed

Directors: Ted Oakes, Jeff Morales & Nick De Pencier

The Great Lakes, home to a fifth of the world’s fresh water and the backbone of a vast ecosystem, are explored from every angle in this documentary series.

Leo & Chester

Director: Andrea Wing

Leo, a sought-after rock star with a promising career, turns his back on the industry to pursue a life on the land with a herd of buffalo.

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Loon Dreaming

Director: Iriz Pääbo

This animated short makes us see the world through the eyes of a loon. We dive down deep into the waters in pursuit of fish, launch skyward from the water and fly high over the busy highways and sprawling subdivisions that scar the natural world–before gently splashing down on a secluded lake.

The National Parks Project

Directors: Scott Smith, Zacharias Kunuk, Peter Lynch, Sturla Gunnarsson, Kevin McMahon, Louise Archambault, Hubert Davis, Catherine Martin, Daniel Cockburn, John Walker, Jamie Travis, Stéphane Lafleur & Keith Behrman

The National Parks Project TV series is an extraordinary exploration of Canada’s national parks through the eyes of the country’s most innovative filmmakers, soundtracked by Canada’s best and most acclaimed musicians.

Power to the People

Directors: Carmen Henriquez & Denis Paquette

Follow climate activist Melina Laboucan-Massimo as she visits First Nations across Canada who power and empower their communities with clean, renewable energy. Learn about a variety of sustainable practices from an Indigenous perspective.

Sovereign Soil

Director: David Curtis

At the far-flung edge of Canada’s boreal forest, outside the tiny sub-Arctic town of Dawson City, Yukon, a handful of unlikely farmers are growing everything from snow-covered Brussels sprouts to apples. These modern-day agrarians have carved out small patches of fertile soil in an otherwise unforgiving expanse of isolated wilderness to make a living and a life.

Writing the Land

Director: Stephanie Weimar

Writing the Land takes a fresh look at the intersection of Canadian literature and Canadian landscapes as the country’s leading writers, poets and storytellers take us on an exhilarating journey across a nation in the throes of deep and intense soul searching.

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