2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Writing, Pre-School

Tyra Sweet, Rennata López

Bestest Day Ever with My Best Friend

"Henry the Tortoise's Bestest Day Ever"


Bestest Day Ever With My Best Friend is a show all about giving the perfect day to your pet. In every episode, a proud pet owner brings their bestie to tell everyone how important they are and what makes them special. Whether furry, fuzzy, feathered, scaly or slimy, our host Lisette is always ready to give our guests of honour the Bestest Day Ever!

Episode Synopsis:
Meet Austin and his friend Henry, a very fashionable tortoise who loves dressing up! Lisette helps Austin make Henry his very own water pond to explore, and then they treat him to a very fancy surprise.

Tyra Sweet, Rennata López





Production Company:

Lopii Productions