2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Original Music, Animation

Neil Parfitt

Super Wish

"The Ballooniverse Pageant / The Way Back Home"


Jesse Cameron turned 10 and accidentally wished away his birthday party. Now fate has pulled him, his two best friends and his cousin into the birthday dimension known as The Happy Land of Birthdays. He’ll need to track down his wish and try to undo the magic that brought them there in the first place. Turning 10 just got epic.

Episode Synopsis:
The Ballooniverse Pageant: It’s time for the Ballooniverse Pageant to see who the best balloon in all the Happy Land is. When the kids find out Balloonicus is entering to try and win the magic ribbon, they convince Fert to enter to in an effort to defeat him. // The Way Back Home: Jesse and the gang throw the biggest birthday party the Happy Land has ever seen to coax the SuperWish out of hiding. But Balloonicus has big plans for crashing the party and finally bringing an end to birthdays everywhere.

Neil Parfitt




Corus Entertainment

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