2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Achievement in Hair

Lydia Pensa

Sort Of

"Sort Of Aftermath"


The death of Sabi’s father continues to be the catalyst for change in Sabi’s world. Their life is about to get shaken up as they question what’s next and embrace the freedom that comes with taking big risks.

Episode Synopsis:
Sabi visits Paul at his new office and struggles with the secret of their shared kiss with Bessy. Paul wants to know if Sabi is coming back to work. Izzy and Aqsa are in a full-on relationship and 7ven has decided to become celibate (at least for a while). In the beginning of a new chapter at BRLiN, Violet interviews to be an assistant. At the Mehboob house Imran's will is read and there are several surprises which cause tension within the family. Sabi reaches out to Bessy and over drinks they finally address "the kiss" but it doesn't turn out like Sabi hopes. Things go to the next level with Sabi and Wolf.

Lydia Pensa



Production Company:

Sphere Media