2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Original Music, Factual, Lifestyle, Reality, or Entertainment

Joseph Shabason

Searching With Chef Sang

"The Farm"


Searching With Chef Sang is a 6 x 30′ original documentary series that follows chef and writer Sang Kim as he explores Korean culture and social history in Ontario through the lens of food. Along the way, Sang meets a diverse cast of Koreans and Korean-Canadians whose stories draw out aspects of Sang’s own experience growing up as a young immigrant in Canada. One part travelogue, one part culinary series, and one part love letter to his Korean heritage, Searching With Chef Sang invites audiences along on a journey with the singular Sang Kim as he searches for beauty, truth, belonging and the perfect kimchi.

Episode Synopsis:
In the heart of cottage country, Sang discovers a Korean farm-to-table community dining experience, and is blown away. Ji Choi and her family don’t advertise their farm, though it is quietly open to travellers, church members, and Korean Canadians searching for the flavours of home. Sang can’t resist the opportunity to bring his mother, Ok-Su Kim, along for the ride. Sang and Ji harvest radishes, which brings Sang back to the taste of his childhood in Korea. When Sang learns that Ji’s mother has never taught her how to make kimchi, Sang and the ommas hold an intimate but unforgettable kimjang (kimchi-making festival).

Joseph Shabason




TLN Media Group

Production Company:

Riverbank Pictures