2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Production Design or Art Direction, Fiction

Ingrid Jurek, M-A Orenstein, Jenn Luckas

Sort Of

"Sort Of The Worst Yoda"


The death of Sabi’s father continues to be the catalyst for change in Sabi’s world. Their life is about to get shaken up as they question what’s next and embrace the freedom that comes with taking big risks.

Episode Synopsis:
A rise in the rent forces the team's hand with the BRLiN landlord just as a world-renowned installation artist is about to premiere their new work. 7ven and Wolf disagree about how to run things while Violet saves the day. Deenzie takes Sabi on a field trip and drops some wisdom, inspiring Sabi to make a huge confession to Wolf. Paul connects with someone in his 12-step group and Bessy gets jealous.

Ingrid Jurek, M-A Orenstein, Jenn Luckas



Production Company:

Sphere Media