2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Original Music, Factual, Lifestyle, Reality, or Entertainment

Greg Johnston

Paranormal Revenge

"“Love you to Death” The Case of Lori Kinrade & “Photo Negative” The Case of Clyde Morrison"


Paranormal Revenge is a 10-part series offering two creepy, hair-raising stories per hour that emanate from the dimension beyond. Each story unfolds from the perspective of a main storyteller—a victim—who has been targeted by a mysterious paranormal entity or entities. What follows is a mash-up of the true-crime procedural and terrifying ghost stories. Like the best of detective thrillers, each story is triggered by a traumatic event—a violent haunting—that kicks off an investigation posing two burning questions: “Whodunnit?” and “Why?” The journey to uncover the answers leads viewers through twists and turns, red herrings, dead ends, and shocking conclusions—all guided by the experience and insight of paranormal experts. With its slow creep, mysterious locations, and deep character studies, Paranormal Revenge takes viewers on an original and terrifying trip through the dark veil that separates our reality from the horrors beyond.

Episode Synopsis:
Love you to Death: When a mom and her daughter finally escape the clutches of an abusive husband and father, he dies suddenly and comes back as a ghost seeking revenge. // Photo Negative: When a curious 10 year old uncovers a horrific crime scene photo left behind by his police officer father, the dead criminal in the snapshot comes back seeking vengeance.

Greg Johnston


CTV Sci-Fi Channel


Bell Media

Production Company:

Sphere Media