2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Performance in a Supporting Role, Drama | Meilleure interprétation dans un rôle de soutien, drame

Frances Fisher

The King Tide


In the aftermath of a bad storm, the residents of a secluded island village discover a mysterious child awash on their shores. The only thing more curious than her origins is the fact that the child possesses healing powers. Believing their island to be the best place to raise this miracle child, the village cuts themselves off from the rest of the world and keeps her existence a secret. But after ten years of peace and prosperity, tragedy strikes and reveals deep seeded conflicts within the community. Torn over the belief that the child exists for some larger purpose, the town is thrust into violent opposition. As their democracy cracks and falters, some residents plot to sneak the child off the island, only to discover the lengths that some residents will go to keep her within their grasp.

Nominees | Finalistes:

Frances Fisher

Production Company | Maison De Production:

Woods Entertainment, Sara Fost Pictures

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