2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Original Music, Animation

Erica Procunier

Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go

"The Mystery of Lookout Mountain"


Thomas and his friends are 8-year-old train “kids,” who think and solve problems like – kids! With an adorably fearless “I think I can” attitude tackling right-sized preschool challenges, and celebrations too – lifting, loading, pulling and chugga-chooing their way to success!

Episode Synopsis:
When cars go missing in the Mines, Thomas and Percy think they have a perfect adventure for the Biggest Adventure Club. But then they uncover that there was a similar problem at Lookout Mountain years ago. Thomas and friends set out to solve the two-headed mystery. Their search takes them under waterfalls, into unknown tunnels, new Crystal Caverns and ultimately brings the kids face to face with... a Mine Monster?

Erica Procunier


Treehouse TV


Corus Entertainment

Production Company:

Nelvana Limited