2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Direction, Factual

Daniel Oron

Deadly Science

"Female Innovators"


Throughout time, humanity has looked to innovate, explore, reach higher heights, and exceed our abilities. But pushing limits can be dangerous – extremely. Those who rise against them set the stage for great discovery. These are the Innovators, explorers, and incredible minds that pursue progress – at any price. Though they suffer for their science, history remembers them for what they left us. Great discoveries, feats of exploration, earth-shattering advances that light the world on fire. These men and women risked it all to change everything. Theirs was a Deadly Science.

Episode Synopsis:
Breaking the glass ceiling is never easy -- but for these female inventors, science comes at an added price. When Marie Curie discovers radioactivity, she earns not one but two Nobel Prizes. But though she is devoted to her subject matter, it puts her in incredible danger. How does her selflessness open a whole new world of particle physics? When the 36-year old Dian Fossey packs up her life to study mountain gorillas, she has no tracking experience, no university degree, and no idea what she’s in for. How does she become one of the most iconic and controversial primatologists to have ever lived? And when the entrepreneurial Elizabeth Fleischmann gets hold of a new invention, she transforms X-rays into a tool for medical imaging. How does her can-do attitude allow her to enter the world of male-dominated medicine, even as the tools of her own innovation take a silent toll?

Daniel Oron


Super Channel


Allarco Entertainment

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Go Button Media