2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Writing, Children's or Youth

Chris Pozzebon

The Hardy Boys

"At The Old House"


When Frank and Joe Hardy receive mysterious posthumous instructions from their grandmother, they find themselves on the hunt for a third powerful relic their Great Grandfather was after. And they aren’t the only ones after it… so the race is on to stop a power from being unleashed on the world! Nothing is what it seems, as the Hardy Boys and their friends face their most dangerous and unpredictable case yet. The future is coming for our heroes, whether they’re ready or not.

Episode Synopsis:
With Frank and Joe missing, the gang are at a loss as they learn from Hurd Sparewell just how dangerous Drew is. But when Frank and Joe are unexpectedly rescued by Fenton and Laura, the Hardy Family is reunited and must work together to dramatically take down Drew before she activates The Core and everyone falls victim to her master plan.

Chris Pozzebon




Corus Entertainment

Production Company:

Lambur Productions Inc.