2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Picture Editing, Animation

Carolina Tran-Yong

Red Ketchup

"Dope and The Red Rope"


Red Ketchup follows the adventures of Canadian-born FBI Agent, Red Ketchup as he enforces the law and investigates cases the only way he knows how: with drug-fueled violence and mayhem. Born an albino with orange hair, Red makes himself invincible with a cocktail of any drug he can get into his system. His only weakness is that his super-sensitive eyes must stay shielded from the sun, and his inability to kick his habit of ingesting any drug he can find. His boss at the FBI, Chief Sullivan, sees Red and his violent ways as an embarrassment and tries to keep Ketchup busy with any number of bogus assignments. But no matter where he’s sent, Red always finds a way to sniff out a crime – and then deliver over-the-top retribution. Red has also been saddled with the one thing he never likes to work with: a partner. Peter Plywood is a Japanese Canadian agent on loan to the FBI in an exchange program. Since the FBI has no idea what to do with this sweet-natured Canuck, they’ve assigned him to work with Red Ketchup. Can this mild-mannered, closeted gay agent get along with an uber-macho killing machine? Surprisingly, the answer is yes – and eventually Red and Plywood find a way to work as a crack team fighting clones, Templar knights, and Soviet spies.

Episode Synopsis:
Red travels to Rome, where one of his identical clones has just been elected pope!

Carolina Tran-Yong


Adult Swim


Corus Entertainment

Production Company:

Sphere Media