2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Picture Editing, Web Program or Series

Cameron Hucker, Jordan Krug

Northern Tracks: A Canadian Mixtape

"Joni Mitchell"


Northern Tracks: A Canadian Mixtape is a love letter to the greats of Canadian music. Told over nine episodes, the series is a melodic ode to beloved singer-songwriters Leonard Cohen, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Neil Young, Rufus Wainwright, Susan Aglukark, Joni Mitchell, Oscar Peterson, k.d. lang and Gordon Lightfoot. Putting a spotlight on each of the artists, Stratford Festival’s singers reimagine the classics in new video performances captured throughout the Tom Patterson Theatre.

Episode Synopsis:
Joni Mitchell is a Canadian singer-songwriter and painter who never looks back and is always excited about what's to come. She is an expert in the folk-jazz genre and writes lyrics that feel personal and relatable. Many of her music pieces are metamorphoses of the "blue" emotions she experienced during the ups and downs of life. This episode jabs you with contradictions from Joni Mitchell's themes, her songs voiced by Stratford Festival's Robert Markus, Chilina Kennedy, Mike Nadajewski, David W. Keeley and Lucy Peacock.

Cameron Hucker, Jordan Krug

Production Company:

Stratford Festival