2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Writing, Pre-School

Ashley Spires

Agent Binky: Pets Of The Universe

"A Guide To Being the WURST"


Binky is an indoor cat who is a member of a secret agency called PURST: Pets of the Universe Ready for Space Travel. Teamed with a variety of like-minded pet agents, they are on a mission to keep their humans and space station safe from aliens. It’s a pretty big job for small pets, but they’re highly trained, dedicated. Every day for these agents is full of adventure, excitement, camaraderie and if time permits, happy nappies.

Episode Synopsis:
Chuck the Duck finds a book with tons of information about cats, dogs and turtles. She uses this new-found knowledge to distract Team PURST while she moves into Small Human's Treehouse, and she has no plans to move out. The PURST agents have to get Chuck out of there before the humans come home! The pets must learn to resist Chuck’s manipulation and use the book’s page on duck behaviour to turn the tables on her. They convince Chuck it’s time to fly south for the winter and off she goes!

Ashley Spires


Treehouse TV


Corus Entertainment

Production Company:

Nelvana Limited, redknot