2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Achievement in Hair

Zinka Tuminski


"Mama Madness"


Shannon Ross is back and on a roll. The shelter’s thriving, the employees are gelling, and Hamilton’s finally feeling like home. But her life is about to be turned upside down by the arrival of Travis, her abrasive and handsome new neighbour. The two immediately start fighting like, well, cats and dogs, but underneath the bickering lies a simmering, unspoken attraction. Another hitch in Shannon’s plans is a new board member, Tonya, who seems to be grooming Joy to take Shannon’s place. As Shannon throws herself into a passion project at work, her skills and resolve are tested as Joy tries to hide a new relationship, Kristian seeks to finally get promoted and Nikki starts a side-hustle. Meanwhile Paul attempts to buy his dream property, Liam finds new love after a break-up and Lara questions her place at the shelter. Despite it all, there’s no place Shannon would rather be.

Episode Synopsis:
When Shannon discovers her birth mother Colleen is still in town, she's torn between reconnecting or moving on. Shannon and Joy tag-team a meeting with a potential Gran-Paws donor. At the shelter, Kristian helps Paul connect with his childhood hero and Lara assures Liam that Ruby doesn't hate him.

Zinka Tuminski





Production Company:

Thunderbird Entertainment