2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Photography, Comedy

Tim Mombourquette


"Skunk in the Trunk"


In the sophomore season of this quirky series that the Globe and Mail calls “insanely cringe-funny” and “cuckoo comedy and sweetness”, the volunteer firefighters at Essex-West-Essex are having a bit of a meltdown. When, in an ironic twist, their fire station burns down they are left without a home and scrambling to keep the brigade together. Once again a renewed battle for captaincy is ignited. Will the Vollies survive this emergency? Vollies is the brainchild of Jonathan Torrens (Trailer Park Boys, Letterkenny, Mr. D).

Episode Synopsis:
A bored Mollie hits the road with Wade in his Taxidermy Taxi but when a call comes in from dispatch, there's only one person around to take it.

Tim Mombourquette


Fibe TV1

Production Company:

Canadian Content Studios