2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Writing, Documentary

Sudz Sutherland

BLK: An Origin Story

"Ontario: John "Daddy" Hall"


BLK: An Origin Story is a four part doc series that looks beyond the Underground Railroad to explore the Untold Stories of Black Canadians from the 1600s to the present, these four hours aim to show that Black History is Canadian History.

Episode Synopsis:
Born of an Ojibwe father and an escaped-slave mother, John "Daddy" Hall's gripping story is the stuff of legends – of the War of 1812, of the harsh realities of slavery and of triumph in the face of adversity. Over the course of his 118-year life, Hall identified as an Indigenous boy, a scout for the British under Chief Tecumseh, a wounded veteran, a captured slave in Virginia and Kentucky, a fugitive crossing the Ohio River, a freeman and town crier in Owen Sound, Ontario, a husband and a father to an impressive number of children.

Sudz Sutherland




Corus Entertainment

Production Company:

BLK Productions Inc.