2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Writing, Animation

Stephanie Kaliner, Lakna Edirisinghe

Pinecone & Pony

"The Pwettiest Pony / Try This Club On For Size"


Based on Kate Beaton’s “The Princess and the Pony”, Pinecone & Pony is an animated comedy about a young warrior-in-training and her best friend. Together, they learn that when you keep your mind and heart open, nothing is ever as it first appears, the world is full of possibilities, and life can be a fun-filled adventure if you let it.

Episode Synopsis:
Pony wants to enter a cuteness competition, and Pinecone handles it like a true warrior. Pinecone takes rainbow-conjuring to the next level.

Stephanie Kaliner, Lakna Edirisinghe


Apple TV+

Production Company:

First Generation Films