2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Achievement in Costume Design | Meilleurs costumes

Sig Burwash, Kathleen Darling

Queens of the Qing Dynasty


In a remote small town, Star (Sarah Walker), a neurodiverse teen, forms an unlikely rapport with An (Ziyin Zheng), a genderqueer student from Shanghai volunteering at the hospital. Between the two, a bond forms, cemented by their candid conversations, nightly text messages, and exchange of their deepest secrets. The boundaries of their friendship quickly expand into something special, altering both Star and An’s inner alchemy.

Une adolescente suicidaire noue une relation avec un étudiant de Shanghai chargé de la surveiller à l'hôpital. Un échange de secrets, de textes et d'effets personnels altère leur nature profonde.
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Sig Burwash, Kathleen Darling

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Hi-Vis Film

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