2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Direction, Web Program or Series

Sam Coyle

Avocado Toast The Series

"With a Side of... Decaf American't-Have-Kids-O"


Molly is back in Toronto with bad hair and undiagnosed endometriosis. While Elle suffered a breakdown and left her company and assistant Jordan… to join a cult. A dramedy where millennials try to navigate their way into the fulfilled lives their boomer parents always wanted for them.

Episode Synopsis:
Molly's rescue-mission at Community fails and results in a painful argument between Elle and Molly. Jordan finally hooks up with his dating app hottie TallJock and feels a connection. A dejected Molly faints from endometriosis pain and is rushed to the hospital, where she meets the hottest doctor she's ever seen.

Sam Coyle

Production Company:

Border2Border Entertainment