2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Direction, Web Program or Series

Romeo Candido


"Sky is Falling"


A young reclusive singer/songwriter is discovered online and invited to join a mysterious, high-pressure music production team that creates hits for superstars.

Episode Synopsis:
After her father discovers the truth about her secret musical life, Tala is forbidden from going to the studio. As he drops her off for her hospital volunteer shift, he reminds her of her mother's dreams for her daughters, legacy and Tala's obligation to help people. But at the hospital reception desk she'd rather surf socials about what’s happening at the Wave Studio with Elianna and the team. And when Aidan calls frantic because Elianna isn't liking any of the tracks, she feebly feigns an emergency at home to steal away. Instead, she's reprimanded by her supervisor Lina for being dramatic and paying more attention to her phone than the patients. Undeterred and determined to pursue her dream, she defiantly holes up in a vacant hospital room and writes a song.

Romeo Candido

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