2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Photography, Documentary or Factual

Ricardo Diaz

BLK: An Origin Story

"Nova Scotia: Three Epic Migrations, One People"


BLK: An Origin Story is a four part doc series that looks beyond the Underground Railroad to explore the Untold Stories of Black Canadians from the 1600s to the present, these four hours aim to show that Black History is Canadian History.

Episode Synopsis:
In the 1700s Blacks constituted 10% of Nova Scotia's population, that's where the story begins... Black Loyalists, ex-slaves turned soldiers who fought alongside the British in the American Revolution, came to Nova Scotia with 'hope in their hearts and freedom in their hands.' In 1796 they were joined by the 'fighting Maroons of Jamaica,' undefeated warriors who embodied a powerful spirit that could not be subdued. Then came Black Refugees fleeing war in 1812. Facing great hardship, they become a part of an enduring community like no other in this country. Descendants of these three migrations represent Canada's largest Black population today. The Black Loyalist, Jamaican Maroons, The Black Refugees. Together they constitute an incredible story that IS Nova Scotia.

Ricardo Diaz




Corus Entertainment

Production Company:

BLK Productions Inc.