2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Picture Editing, Comedy

Marianna Khoury

Workin' Moms

"Grow If You Want"


Back for season six, Workin’ Moms re-examines friendships, demanding careers, motherhood and marriage. Kate grapples with the unexpected addition to the Foster family, as a snag threatens to unravel everything she’s built at work. Anne finds out that you can move the girl back to the city, but her small town problems can’t be left behind. Jenny comes to realize that interoffice relationships might be a little messier than expected. Powerhouse Sloane is back again, and killing it in the boardroom, but maybe there’s more room in her schedule for a personal life than she thought. Val’s considering real change for the first time in a long time. When it comes to work, family and having it all… striking a balance is a precarious business.

Episode Synopsis:
As Nathan Jr. gets ready for his school formal, Kate promises to be back from work in time to see him off - no matter who he chooses to live with. Despite Sloane's protests, Kate also insists she oversee Rebecca's book launch. But an important breakthrough from a surprising source gives Kate some much needed perspective. Anne invites Lionel to her anger management class, but he's still feeling bruised. It will take advice from the youngest therapist in the Carlson family to reach Lionel. Sloane and Val's families each grow a little and all is almost well - if only Kate and Anne could find their way back to each other.

Marianna Khoury





Production Company:

Wolf and Rabbit Entertainment ULC