2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Achievement in Costume Design | Meilleurs costumes

Mara Zigler



A young Tibetan man whose older brother self immolates as a form of nonviolent protest of the treatment of Tibetans living under the current Chinese occupation, struggles to come to terms with the loss while navigating a life with one foot in the western youth culture of Toronto, and the other, somewhat reluctantly in the devoted community of his fellow exiled Tibetans. Featuring music by Colin Stetson (Hereditary), Tenzin is a coming of age story amidst the intergenerational ruptures of an exiled people in a degraded era of material excess and spiritual confusion.

Nominees | Finalistes:

Mara Zigler

Production Company | Maison De Production:

Low End

Distribution Company | Maison de distribution:

Game Theory Films

Original Language | Langue Originale:

Tibetan, English