2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Direction, Animation

Keith Oliver, George Elliott

Total Dramarama

"Total Trauma Rama / The Doomed Ballooned Marooned"


Total Dramarama is the crazy spin-off of the hit series Total Drama Island and is ALL about the fun! We took our 12 most iconic characters from the original series, threw logic out the window, aged them all down from teenagers to toddlers, and stuck them in a daycare run by – you guessed it – the crusty-with-a-heart-of-gold cook from Total Drama Island, “Chef Ratchet.” Irreverent, adventurous, and a little bit naughty, this raucous workplace comedy begs the question – why would anyone want to run a daycare?

Episode Synopsis:
Duncan, normally the bad kid, has an identity crisis when his pranks start curing people of their fears. // After over-decorating a birthday table with balloons, several kids float away to a deserted island.

Keith Oliver, George Elliott




Corus Entertainment

Production Company:

Fresh TV Inc.