2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Writing, Animation

John May, Suzanne Bolch

16 Hudson

"Spice Box"


Welcome to 16 Hudson. In this charming building, on a quiet street, in a big city, you can always find a friendly face. These are the adventures of a group of neighbors who treasure each other’s similarities and differences. Here, everyone knows everyone, and our adventures, no matter how small, are cherished amongst friends. Together, we celebrate cultural holidays like the Chinese New Year, Norooz, and Diwali. This new season follows our beloved 16 Hudson characters as they navigate what “home” – and sometimes, being away from it – means to them. Season 3 features a 3-episode arc where each family visits their ancestral home. Amala goes on her first trip to India, Sam visits family in China, Eddie and his father drive to Vancouver Island where his grandmother still lives, and Lili tries to connect with her Iranian roots despite not being able to visit her home country.

Episode Synopsis:
Amala works up the courage to take the trip of a lifetime.

John May, Suzanne Bolch





Production Company:

Big Bad Boo Studios Inc.