2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Visual Effects

Joe Kicak, Sebastian Harder

Detention Adventure

"Negative Space"


The Detention Team are at it again only this time their antics get them shipped off to Island School where they explore the mysterious secrets left behind by the visionary artist Lawren Harris, and discover the true meaning of art.

Episode Synopsis:
With the new destination revealed, the Detention Adventure crew head past the camp boundaries and canoe into the heart of the forbidden valley. During their search the gang becomes separated and their fears begin to manifest themselves. Joy finds herself trapped in a crevasse, while Raign navigates a dangerous bridge. Their harrowing journeys culminate at a mysterious clearing in the woods but before they discover the next clue they are forced to head back to camp before it gets too dark. Upon their return they are confronted by the jocks who demand to know where they were with their canoes. When the kids refuse to say, the jocks dare them to "pay the pepper price" and take a bite out of a ghost pepper but before Raign realizes how hot they are, she swallows three peppers and drops to the ground motionless.

Joe Kicak, Sebastian Harder



Production Company:

LoCo Motion Pictures, Broken Compass Films