2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Achievement in Art Direction / Production Design | Meilleure direction artistique / conception des décors

Jennifer Morden

Alice, Darling


Alice, Darling is about a seemingly accomplished, polished young woman, Alice (played by Anna Kendrick) who seems to have her life in order, but when she’s invited to a lakeside cabin for a holiday with her two oldest friends, her erratic behaviour increasingly reveals that she is under enormous strain and in deep denial about her controlling partner, Simon. Just as the friends are starting to remind Alice of who she was before her relationship began, Simon arrives at the lake, and tries to bring Alice back to the city.

Nominees | Finalistes:

Jennifer Morden

Production Company | Maison De Production:

Babe Nation Films, Elevation Pictures

Distribution Company | Maison de distribution:

Elevation Pictures

Original Language | Langue Originale: