2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Barbara Sears Award for Best Editorial Research

Jackie Carlos

Chef Secrets: The Science of Cooking


During the pandemic, millions of us have been staying at home. We’re cooking more than ever. And the best chefs know a secret most of us don’t. There’s a hidden ingredient in the tastiest dishes: science! Featuring some of the world’s top culinary experts, this unique documentary goes deep inside the kitchen to reveal why science is the secret recipe to becoming a better home cook. Guest host Anthony Morgan is an accomplished molecular research scientist – and the first to admit that he’s “not much of a cook.” As he attempts to make everything from sourdough to home-made ice cream, he discovers how understanding the chemistry, physics and microbiology of cooking can help him improve his command of the kitchen. Chef Secrets: The Science of Cooking features mouth-watering cinematography and a diverse cast of chefs who use their scientific expertise to create a meal from appetizers to dessert. As they show us how science enhances cooking, they solve some fundamental food mysteries: What makes sourdough taste so tangy? Why don’t oil and vinegar mix? And how do hot chilis trick your brain? Along the way, they reveal insider tips to help home cooks sharpen their culinary skills and gain confidence in the kitchen. Ultimately, Cooking Science blends useful information and entertaining demonstrations into an appetizing film that’s easy to digest. So preheat your ovens and get ready to whip up some scrumptious science!


Jackie Carlos





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In the Vault Productions Inc.