2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Photography, Comedy

Gayle Ye

Detention Adventure

"Singing in the Raign"


The Detention Team are at it again only this time their antics get them shipped off to Island School where they explore the mysterious secrets left behind by the visionary artist Lawren Harris, and discover the true meaning of art.

Episode Synopsis:
Raign wakes up in a black space, where a lone spotlight illuminates her from above. She tries to cry for help, but she can't speak, she can only... sing? She gets lost in the dark woods, has a pesky visitor from her past, and dances around searching for a familiar voice. When Raign wakes up from her hallucination in the nurse's office surrounded by her friends, she realizes her dream revealed the answer to the final clue. An excited Hulk and Joy run out, leaving Brett to reveal that he was by Raign's side the whole time she was out. Sparks fly!

Gayle Ye



Production Company:

LoCo Motion Pictures, Broken Compass Films