2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Barbara Sears Award for Best Visual Research

Cindy Wolfe, Emma Kehayas

Comedy Punks: Kids In The Hall

"Episode 1"


Through never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with celebrities, industry insiders and the “Kids” themselves – this two-part documentary delves into this cult-famous comedy troupe’s post-punk origins in the mid-1980s and provides inside access to their tumultuous 40-year journey across five seasons of their renowned television series, a controversial feature film, multiple sold-out tours, and their recently announced reboot for Amazon.

Episode Synopsis:
Episode 1 tracks the troupe from their obscure beginnings at a 1980s punk rock club in Toronto, to their discovery by legendary star-maker Lorne Michaels and through the growing pains of getting their controversial series on the air. Through never-before-seen archive this episode also reveals the complicated childhoods and life challenges that shaped the troupe's surreal brand of humour.

Cindy Wolfe, Emma Kehayas




Blue Ant Media

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Blue Ant Media