2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Writing, Pre-School

Carolyn Hay, Hugh Duffy

Agent Binky: Pets Of The Universe

"The Paw And Claw Spa"


Binky is an indoor cat who is a member of a secret agency called PURST: Pets of the Universe Ready for Space Travel. Teamed with a variety of like-minded pet agents, they are on a mission to keep their humans and space station safe from aliens. It’s a pretty big job for small pets, but they’re highly trained, dedicated. Every day for these agents is full of adventure, excitement, camaraderie and if time permits, happy nappies.

Episode Synopsis:
Gordon is looking forward to a trip to a pet Spa, but when he gets there, he finds that it's being run by PURST's nemesis, Chirpy McChirp.

Carolyn Hay, Hugh Duffy


Treehouse TV


Corus Entertainment

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