2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Production Design or Art Direction, Fiction

Brian Verhoog, Joel Guzman, Brianna Trush, Andrew Hill

The Hardy Boys

"An Unexpected Return"


When a Bridgeport classmate mysteriously disappears, Frank and Joe Hardy drop their new normal routine and get back to detective work. But when they discover the mystical Relic they destroyed last season is still in play, it becomes clear their simple missing person case is actually part of something far more sinister. The Hardy Boys and their friends quickly learn who they can and can’t trust as they race against time to unravel the truth, and ultimately realize that no one is safe from their past.

Episode Synopsis:
With Frank missing from the school dance, Joe and the gang must race against time to locate his whereabouts and stop the Shadow Man from completing his ultimate plan.

Brian Verhoog, Joel Guzman, Brianna Trush, Andrew Hill




Corus Entertainment

Production Company:

Lambur Productions Inc.