2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Writing, Factual

Armen Kazazian

A Ghost Ruined My Life

"Newlywed Nightmare"


Featuring the supernatural experiences of everyday people, A Ghost Ruined My Life showcases footage and story recreation of various unexplained occurrences, from hauntings to mysteries to the just plain weird. Roth and his team solicit stories from the public and specifically seek out those of skeptics and non-believers, whose brushes with the supernatural are often so traumatic they convert into believers.

Episode Synopsis:
A newlywed moves to an isolated home in the country with her new husband, where she attracts the unwanted attention of an ancient and deadly demon. Aline meets the love of her life while working at a hotel in her native Brazil. After a whirlwind romance, the couple marries and she suddenly finds herself living a new life in a new country. But the honeymoon fades fast when Aline finds herself living in an isolated area with a husband who works long hours. As the loneliness consumes her, she attracts the attention of an Incubus – an ancient and deadly demon which preys on women. When she mistakenly invites it into her life, Aline finds herself in desperate battle for survival as the demon tries to consume her soul, and end her life.

Armen Kazazian




Blue Ant Media

Production Company:

Cream Productions