W5: COVID: Year 2

2022 Best News or Information Program

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When COVID 19 was declared a pandemic in March of 2020, no one expected to be still wearing masks and socially distancing one year later. W5’s Covid 19: Year 2 focuses on the toll the killer virus has taken on so many levels. An 88 year-old senior citizen can’t wait to one day hug her great grandchildren after almost a year in lockdown; a young family forced to give up its business can’t even bear to walk past their former restaurant; the head of an Intensive Care Unit worries about the physical and mental well being of his exhausted staff. In addition to chronicling the isolation, the death, and the jobs lost, the one-hour documentary also manages to find art in tragedy with an art exhibit dedicated to the perseverance of society trying to stay one-step ahead of the virus.




Bell Media

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CTV News