Highway Thru Hell

2022 Best Factual Series

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Highway Thru Hell focuses on a team of drivers who work for Jamie Davis, along with several other heavy rescue companies – fighting to keep the roads open in one of the most dangerous environments ever seen on TV. The Coquihalla and nearby highways through B.C.’s Cascade Mountains are notorious for some of the most treacherous, rapid changing road conditions anywhere. When it’s a whiteout blizzard at the top of ‘The Coq’ summit, 1200 metres below – in the Fraser Valley, it can be a torrential downpour. Add to that, the busiest transportation corridor to and from the West Coast, Highway 1 (Trans Canada Hwy) and you have the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of trucking. When everyone else is turning back, police and highway maintenance crews rely on the heavy rescue teams to charge straight into the storm and help save the day.


Mark A. Miller, Neil Thomas


Discovery Channel


Bell Media

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Great Pacific Media