2023 Canadian Screen Awards.

2022 Achievement in Make-Up | Meilleurs maquillages

Erik Gosselin, Edwina Voda

Brain Freeze

As winter approaches, an exclusive Golf Club hires a Multinational biotech whose “revolutionary” fertilizer melts the snow, contaminating the water and the residents of Peacock Island, transforming them into mutants. André (15) watches as the infection spreads, leaving him orphaned and in charge of his baby sister Annie. He meets Dan, a wannabe survivalist who has taken refuge in a high-end grocery with his daughter Patricia, not so lucky. They embark on an adventure that takes them to the source of the contamination. In a race against the clock, they fight peacocks and mad scientists and finally the army itself…

Pour rester ouvert toute l'année, un club de golf utilise un engrais chimique, qui contamine l'eau et transforme les résidents de l'Île-aux-Paons en zombis. Le gouvernement répond à la panique médiatique en mettant l'île en quarantaine. Devenus orphelins, André et sa sœur s'allient avec Dan pour échapper à la catastrophe.

Erik Gosselin, Edwina Voda