R.T. Thorne

2021 Best Direction, Children's or Youth

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Utopia Falls - "Can I Kick It"

Utopia Falls is a series about a group of culturally diverse youth in a perceived futuristic Utopia that discover the power of their voices after being inspired by the discovery of long forgotten cultural ARCHIVE. Within this archive they are exposed to art, music, fashion, and knowledge of the past including Hip Hop, and the civil rights movement. Inspired by a history of the world they were never taught about, the youth begin to realize their society is not as perfect as they have been led to believe, and in fact their government has been lying and suppressing information from their population to control them. Using the power of music, and the broadcast exposure of a national performance competition, they rise up to inspire their society to challenge their government for the right to freedom.


R.T. Thorne





Production Company:

Sonar Canada