Leah Gauthier, Jennica Harper

2021 Best Writing, Comedy

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Jann - "What Did Jann Do"

Jann’s (Jann Arden) hilarious, attention-drawing antics continue as the second season picks up immediately following last season’s cliffhanger finale. Did Jann embark on a tour, or stay behind to help her mother Nora (Deborah Grover), who’s showing early signs of memory loss, and sister Max (Zoie Palmer), who was put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy? This season, Jann sets out to win her family and ex-girlfriend Cynthia (Sharon Taylor) back – though Jann’s idea of “thoughtful” can be a little over the top. Meanwhile, there’s tension between Jann and her new manager Cale (Elena Juatco), who lines up music gigs that are outside of Jann’s comfort zone.


Leah Gauthier, Jennica Harper




Bell Media

Production Company:

Project 10 Productions Inc. / SEVEN24