Alex Wolff

2021 Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role | Interprétation masculine dans un premier rôle | Interprétation masculine dans un premier rôle

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Castle in the Ground

Henry is a caretaker, of himself, of his home; but most importantly of his terminally ill single mother. His girlfriend has left for college, his ascetic Jewish relatives and their obligatory condolences frustrate more than comfort. So when his mother finally passes, he complicit in her drug induced death, Henry is left without purpose, alone for the first time with a crippling grief, as well as an unfinished bottle of Oxycontin 80s…The only person in his life that isn’t placating to his loss is his loud, subversive neighbor ANA, who’s across the hall and trying to kick her own habit just as Henry is developing his own.


Alex Wolff