Dino Dana Digital

2019 Best Cross-Platform Project - Children's and Youth

Dinodana.com is the online home of the hit TV show Dino Dana. Games and apps being the key experience, taking kids on an interactive adventures of discovery with Dana herself! There are games, experiments, and other fun educational goodies for dino-minded kids. The digital suite gives kids the chance to directly participate in the action of the show.


Blair Powers, J.J. Johnson, Ronald Ruslim, Gavin Friesen, Javier Plana, Mark Cautillo, Brian Andrade, Jermaine Williams, Andrew Eastmond, Andrew Ebert, Nathan Langdon, Roslyn Stockton, Sean Hamilton, Alex Gordon, Leisha-Marie Riddel, Deanna Ip, Leo Kouvaris, Adriano Bertuzzo, Kevin Gan, Michael Pearce, Rachel Cravit, Christopher Coey, Geordie Telfer

Production Company:

Sinking Ship Entertainment