Undercover High

2018 Best Children's or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series

High school is ripe with pranking potential – classrooms, cafeterias, football fields, auditoriums, libraries, gymnasiums…even the principal’s office – and in this case the pranksters are the unlikeliest of culprits – the teachers, principals and school staff. Just when students think that they’ve settled in for a typical, mundane day of reading, writing and arithmetic, suddenly their school has turned into one large practical joke with actors, along with the school faculty, ready to pull off the ultimate high school prank. At its heart, Undercover High is a comedy show, exploiting every facet of high school life for maximum laughs, featuring pranks that every kid (and adult who remembers high school) will remember in all its gut-splitting glory.


YTV (Corus Entertainment)

Production Company:

General Purpose Entertainment