Drew Lightfoot

2018 Best Direction, Web Program or Series


HORIZON is an immersive, 360 degree film that was filmed in 9K for a custom made, 4K cinematic pop up dome (designed by a founding member of Cirque du Soleil), which is traveling Ontario throughout 2017 and has been reformatted for planetarium theatrical distribution across the country. HORIZON is a 20-minute film which was shot in every province and territory with custom made RED Dragon camera rigs, DSLR rigs and Go Pro rigs to shoot underwater, from the land in minus 40 degree C temperatures and from helicopters. A non-narrative, ahistorical film, which we describe as a Visual Symphony of Canada, the film displays surreal performance mixed with the mundane as a meditation on the relationship Canadians have with this vast and disparate land.

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  • Horizon