TV & Digital Media Awards Recommendation Form

The Academy is dedicated to addressing the evolving needs of its constituents and the industry it serves.

Recommendations for changes to the Rules & Regulations (i.e. eligibility, category changes/additions, etc.) may be made for the television and digital media categories within the Canadian Screen Awards as follows:

Recommendations for the Rules (to be considered for the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards): The Academy receives all recommendations to compile for the Television and Digital Media Rules & Regulations Committees. If the respective committee approves a recommendation, it will be presented to the Academy’s Board of Directors for final approval.

Rationale: Please provide a rationale for your recommendation. If requesting a new category, please provide a description of the category, a list of proposed eligible credits, judging criteria, as well as a list of examples of types of television or digital media projects that would potentially enter into the category. Please reference any current rule if it should pertain to your recommendation with your rationale.


Note: NO recommendations will be accepted after the deadline. Incomplete requests will not be processed.

If you have any questions, please contact Marko Balaban, Acting Director of Programming: