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Membership Eligibility – FAQs

Q: Can I register under more than one voting branch?
A: Yes. You should register for as many voting branches as you are eligible as it may affect the areas in which you can vote.


Q: My film/episode of television/project is in post-production. Does it count as an eligible credit towards my voting membership?
A: No, all projects must be complete and have already been theatrically released in Canada or aired on a Canadian network or cable TV station to be eligible towards your voting membership.


Q: I have worked on three episodes of the same television show. Does that count as three eligible credits under the Television division?
A: Yes, each episode of television qualifies as one credit, even if they are from the same program.


Q: I worked on a short film. Where is this eligible?
A: Short film no longer has its own voting branch. Short films are instead eligible credits under all voting branches in the Cinema voting division. If you have held a credited role on a short film, you will be registered under the corresponding voting branch provided you meet the eligibility requirements.


Q: Does working in documentary film have its own category?
A: Yes. Documentary films, television programs and digital content now have their own voting branches. If you have held a credited role on a documentary program, you will be registered under the documentary voting branch provided you meet the eligibility requirements.


Q: I do not have an IMDB page. How can you verify my credits?
A: We must be able to verify your credits in some way. An IMDB page is the easiest way for us to do this, but you can also have a producer or director associated with the project write a letter verifying your credit on the project, as well as the project’s status as a Canadian production and release.


Q: I am an actor and have appeared in three different television episodes/programs and have an accumulative total of nine lines between those episodes. Does this mean I am eligible to join as a voting member?
A: No, you must have had at least nine lines in EACH of the three necessary episodes of the television series in order to qualify.


Q: The feature film I worked on had a theatrical release (or screened at Film Festivals) and was then broadcast on television. Which branch am I eligible to join?
A: Both. If the film was released theatrically (or screened at two film festivals recognized by Telefilm), it is eligible under the cinema division. If it was later broadcast on television as a limited series or movie of the week, it is eligible under the television division as well.


Q: I don’t see the job I do under any of these branches. Does that mean I can’t join as a Voting Member?
A: Not necessarily. We are constantly updating our eligibility requirements to match the roles and credits in the industry but recognize we may be missing a few. Contact our membership department with your information including what projects you have worked on and we can determine if you qualify.


Q: I’m Canadian but all my work has been on projects outside of Canada. Can I still join?
A: Yes. If you have comparable credits on non-Canadian projects and are a Canadian Citizen you can join as an International Voting Member.


For more information contact the Membership department at or at 416-366-2227/1-800-644-5194 ext. 244 for Karen Bruce or ext. 219 for Katie Elder